Lack of quality Market Research is one of the primary reasons that small businesses fail.

But it needn’t be like this.

Startup Market Research aims address this issue, by empowering small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools they need to understand their markets better.

We look at Research in the broadest sense, any data or information that you can gather to help you make better business decisions is a good thing. This could include the following:

  • Customer surveys
  • Competitor analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Product research
  • Marketing research
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Economic data

Market Research is a Multi Billion dollar industry

Business literature cites market research as one of the most important steps in the lifecycle of a fledgling business, and yet so little support and guidance is given to firms to help them with this research.

While larger, more established businesses have the luxury of commissioning market research agencies to help with their research needs, smaller firms have to use more innovative, dynamic and cost effective methods.

At Startup Market Research, we’re taking our knowledge gained from working with some of the worlds largest companies, and condensing it into actionable, low cost steps that small businesses can use.

Startup Market Research provides resources, in depth guides and affordable consulting services to empower business owners to make better, data driven decisions.