Putting Market Research at The Heart of Your Content Strategy

021121_1788_0009_lsmsMost people advise that the key to driving traffic to your website is content. Content, content, content. However, it is not immediately obvious how to come up with ideas for interesting and original content. One method that works particularly well is to integrate your Market Research with your content strategy, essentially sharing your insight with your customers.

While you have to conduct some form of research for every post, by going into greater depth, conducting interviews and surveys, you’ll ensure that you are producing material that hasn’t been seen before. Talking to people about a particular topic will more often than not generate new topic ideas as well.

For instance, if you have built a travel website, you could conduct some research into summer holidays; you could ask questions like how often do people holiday? Where are they going this year? How much do they tend to spend? Etc. You can see how it becomes easy to produce an interesting article when you have this primary information to hand. If in the course of this research you find that the majority of people said that their favorite country to holiday is Spain, you can conduct further research into where people go in Spain, what type of accommodation they stay in etc.

Research doesn’t have to be the something that is restricted to academic institutions or large research firms, you can start small. Put together a simple questionnaire and go and visit your friends and family, most people would be willing to spare 15 minutes to have a coffee, answer some questions and help you out. Be careful about the claims you make in the research at this stage though, asking a small sample of your close friends to answer some questions probably isn’t representative of the country.

Another really easy method is to use online survey tools. Something like SurveyMonkey is really easy to use and free for the basic functionality. If after a time you need more functions, or you want to look more professional and lose the SurveyMonkey logo, you can sign up to one of their paid services. You can start out doing online surveys in exactly the same way you did face to face interviews. Build a simple questionnaire and email the link to your friends and family, or post the link on Facebook. This is a far less time consuming method and it is a lot easier to analyse the data, plus you will be able to include graphs and diagrams in your posts, which will make your content more appealing and professional looking.

Using research as the basis of your posts will ensure that your content is different from everything else on the web and interesting enough not only to draw people to your site in the first place, but to keep them coming back.

Research also helps you to make great connections with your target clients without them having to worry about being sold to, and the outcome of your research can guide your future business strategy.